Cedar Valley Iris and Daylily Society

Nancy Rash, President 2019-2020

It was an unusual year for CVIDS members.  The January 2020 meeting was cancelled due to snow and ice. The February meeting had great attendance with double the programs.  We were serious about the planning details of the Region One Summer Meeting. Then, COVID restrictions meant we canceled the March and April meetings and the May plant sale open to the public.  Determined to hold our annual club daylily plant distribution the committee brainstormed options to still select plants and created a relay system to create drop off and pick up points for the club plants.  Social distancing with masks did create some welcomed contact with fellow members. We sure hope to hold the postponed plant auction in the spring of 2021.  The next decision was to hold or cancel the 2020 Region One Summer Meeting planned for July 10-12, 2020.  Members were asked for input and after much deliberation,  it was decided that the best decision was to cancel the summer meeting.  It was extremely disappointing after the planning and anticipation of hosting our daylily friends in Region One.   Thank you to all Region One members supporting our decision to cancel 20/20 A Perfect Daylily Vision.   Our planned Open Garden hosts for the Region One Meeting still held Open Gardens in July plus other members were added to the list.  With several weekend dates, members were able to travel to see many beautiful gardens.  


CVIDS has long held in August a second plant sale open to the public, a club meeting and club daylily plant return and auction and silent auction of iris plants (we are the Cedar Valley Iris and Daylily Society), all in the same long day.  Members supported the decision to cancel the day’s events.  Another disappointment but the iris committee put together an email silent auction with delivery so the iris could be planted before fall.  

 But before the silent auction was held, we experienced the derecho in Iowa with Cedar Rapids being the hardest hit area in Iowa.  Many members throughout eastern Iowa and over the state line into Illinois suffered damage with extensive losses.  Trees and limbs down, a car and truck hit by a tree and extensive home damage was reported.  The loss of tree canopy will change the amount of sun and shade now provided in some gardens. One member related how her hybridizing tags blew away!  Lots of unknown x unknown seedlings!

 I was hoping that by October we could hold the annual hybridizer roundup.  It was decided not to meet in person and the hybridizers were able to share photos via our CVIDS website.  We recognize club members that are eager to show the seedlings from their hybridizing program. 

 The Cedar Valley Iris Daylily Society was organized in 1990 and we have 8 of the original charter members.  2020 was our 30th anniversary.  We were busy with the Region One Meeting planning and the opportunity to celebrate our 30th anniversary had not been planned. The virus and the derecho both postponed or eliminated the chance for a celebration.  

 Our annual and final celebration of the club year has been the Fall CVIDS Banquet and Photo Contest.  A speaker and plant auction is the highlight. The decision was made to not hold our final event and meeting of the year.  It was another disappointment but CVIDS members are tough and will be eagerly waiting new opportunities in 2021 for the Cedar Valley Iris and Daylily Society.  Nancy Rash

Passing of Jon Mullins, Karmin Mullins' father

It is with sadness that I share news of the passing of Jon Mullins, father of CVIDS member Karmin Mullins.  Karmin shared that her father was diagnosed with a large brain tumor on January 11, 2021.  The full obituary can be read at:  https://www.murdochfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Jon-Mullins-2/#!/Obituary.

Please keep Karmin and family in your thoughts and prayers. 

February Newsletter ----
Dear CVIDS Members, we have a fun February 2021 newsletter to you and I thank Sue Kramer for her contributions.  Sue submitted photos that are being shared on the website and Face Book in addition to other photos in the newsletter.  There are two great frost photos and the third frost photo is a weeping white pine with Pan the wine god under the tree.  I appreciate her adventure to go take photos as I did not venture out in the cold to take photos myself.  The fourth photo is a fairy protected from the derecho in the hollow of a log.   Thank you to Sue for her contributions. Nancy Rash, CVIDS President” 


Passing of Joe Rash, Nancy's Father -  1/25/2021
Joe Rash, passed away on Monday, January 25, 2021.  Lyle and I went to see him on January 22 to say our final good bye and my sister and brother were there too.  As a farmer at age 95, he had worn out his joints and the damage to the farm during the August derecho was very stressful and wore down his spirit.  I have provided a link to the obituary here.
Thank you for the caring messages Lyle and I have received already.  My sister Peggy Rash-Daniels is a new member to CVIDS and is looking forward to being part of CVIDS.  We inherited the “dig in the dirt” gene from our mom and dad.

Warm Regards, Nancy Rash & Lyle Moen

Passing of Loren Hass -  1/23/2021

We have heard the sad news of the passing of CVIDS Member Loren Hass.  We send heartfelt condolences to Myrna and family.  The obituary can be found here with details of the funeral service.  Cards and emails can be sent to Myrna and her family at:

Myrna Hass
2677 190th Street
Delmar, IA  52037

Message from Jonathan 12/31/2020

The Daylily World Loses Another Star

It is with great sadness that I must share with you that Robert "Bob" Faulkner (Natural Selection Daylilies, Dayton, OH) passed away on December 26 after a month-long battle against COVID-19. He was 74. His obituary can be accessed here. Known internationally as a daylily hybridizer, he belonged to the Shirley Farmer Club and the Region Two American Daylily Society. His hybridizing program led to scores of beautiful daylily hybrids, 87 of which are listed on the ADS Database. To view the fruits of his labors, take a moment to visit his website. Anyone who has met Bob will agree with me that he easily made friends with everyone he met. I still remember Bob's genial disposition and eagerness to share his expertise with others, when he came to CVIDS in November 2014 as our guest speaker. He will be greatly missed.

December 26, 2020

Sally and Keith Riewerts will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on December 26, 2020.  It is an mile stone anniversary in an unforgettable year. 

Message from Nancy 12/21/2020

Hello CVIDS Members.

It will soon be Christmas and I want to share with you a story about Christmas

It will soon be Christmas and I want to share with you a story about Christmas

Message from Nancy 12/21/2020

Hello CVIDS Members.

It will soon be Christmas and I want to share with you a story about Christmas stockings created by Sherry Moffit for her family.  We have talented CVIDS members and it is fun to share what is happening with our membership.  I am the Washington County (volunteer) Hawk-Eye Editor for Our Iowa Magazine and even though I’m looking for Washington County stories, Sherry’s story was perfect to submit to Our Iowa.  I loved seeing the stockings in person (last January, Pre-COVID-19).  I hope you enjoy reading the story.  The magazine has in the past also published photos taken by Sherry.  

Last summer my dad told me again how much he wanted to have the story of his high school coach submitted to Our Iowa Magazine.  When Lyle and I were up to see him in June, he told us the story (again) and I wrote it up as he told the story to us and submitted to Our Iowa Magazine with his name on the story (Joe Rash).  We were so grateful to have the story published in the December 2020/January 2021 issue as Dad is now in a care center in hospice care.  (Last story on the page)

 I tell you this because with lots of time indoors ahead of us, you too can be thinking of ways to share stories and photos that are meaningful to you.  If you do not receive Our Iowa Magazine, borrow a copy from your library to read.  They are always looking for photos and your daylily gardens offer many photo opportunities.  Take a look at past photos and be planning photos you can take come summer of 2021.  These are great activities that can be done while practicing social distancing.  The website and magazine have your instructions for submitting to Our Iowa Magazine. 


The Fall 2020 Daylily Pioneer has been sent via email to ADS Members.  Jonathan Poulton has posted the Daylily Pioneer to the Region One website.  Do take time to read about other clubs in Region One and to see what CVIDS accomplished in 2020.  


CVIDS Dues are DUE
CVIDS Dues are $10 per person for a one year membership.  Please send your check to:  Shelly Lett, 1673 Garfield Avenue, West Branch, IA  52358
Our CVIDS Board Members met on December 18, 2020 via Zoom and are looking forward to exploring new avenues for members to contribute to the club.  Minutes are attached.  We are also hoping Zoom can be a method we can use to engage our membership until we can meet again in person.  We would like to know how many members would participate. 

Here are some questions for you to answer and reply to me. 
Put your name behind the response that fits you. 
This will help me tally the answers:

I have used Zoom and would participate in a Zoom program for CVIDS

I have not used Zoom but am willing to learn so I can participate in CVIDS using Zoom

I do not want to participate in a Zoom Program

Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!

Nancy Rash
CVIDS President


Virtual Hybridizers Roundup

We have three hybridizers who have collected some great photos of their promising plants.  Heather Harroun, the Pappenhouses and the Riewerts.  Please see the Hybridizers Page for their updats and some great memories of other great and beautiful plants.  Special thanks to Heather for collating and sending along!


ADS (fka AHS) - Cultivar Awards Announcement

On October 24th the American Daylily Society announced the 2020 Cultivar Awards.  They are to be posted on the ADS website but they are not there yet.  Here is a link to the  YouTube Presentation (There is an actual YouTube channel for the Society!)  Take a look after you view the presentation.


The mother of Ginger Pruess, Esther Diehl, passed away on September 10, 2020, at Cedar Manor in Tipton, Iowa. Please keep Ginger and her family in your thoughts.

Robert Little of West Liberty, passed away on September 12. 2020. Bob and wife Marilyn and daughter Gretchen were all Charter members of CVIDS. Please keep Marilyn and Gretchen in your thoughts.

The mother of Sherry Moffit, Doris Lockridge, passed away on September 14, 2020. Please keep members Sherry & Lynn Moffit and family in your thoughts. Thank you for remembering our members at this time of loss.

2020 Betty Miller Photo Contest (9/6/20)

Our annual Betty Miller Photo Contest was started in 2006 in honor of Past President and hybridizer Betty Miller. She had a passion for photographing daylilies and mentored several CVIDS members on how to take good photos. Her photos were featured in “Eureka” and daylily catalogs from 2001-2004.

Photograph Contest: Entries to be received by November 30th

This year's categories are:
(1) ”Red” daylily category, in honor of Verne Moore
(2) Iris
(3) Large flowers
(4) Doubles
(5) Unusual forms and spiders
(6) Clumps
(7) Landscapes (photo must include daylilies or irises)
(8) Hybridizers’ 2020 seedlings
(9) Novelties (e.g. garden sculptures, birdhouses, animals, etc., but the photo must include daylilies or irises)
(10) Gerald's Ruffles, added in 2019 in honor of Gerald Hobbs

Rules are as follows. Submit entries to Mary Jo Duffy at 2630 Newport Road NE, Iowa City, IA 52240. No additional fancy modifications (e.g. framing or computer filters/colorization) may be made to the photo, but cropping and centering are allowed. Size to be submitted is a printed 4”x6” photo. Names of photographer, flower and category must be on the back.  There is a maximum of 2 entries per category per person.


Message from Nancy (6/16/20)

Hello to CVIDS Members.  I am enjoying the beautiful weather and hope all is well with you and your gardens. 


I received a message from Val Hoefer, Region 1 American Daylily Society President, and need to let you know of an open opportunity.  The Region 1 Editor for the Daylily Pioneer has resigned and a new editor is needed.  It is a paid position with $750 paid for producing the spring issue of the Daylily Pioneer and $750 for producing the fall issue of the Daylily Pioneer.  The fall issue is digital and the spring issue has been printed.  Kathy Lamb was using Constant Contac for the distribution.  She will help with the transition when a new editor is found.  If any CVIDS member is interested, please contact Val Hoefer at:  hoefrv@gmail.com.  Val would be the best person to ask about details if you are interested in the position or if you want to learn more about the opportunity to be involved in the Daylily Pioneer.  You can view the Spring 2020 issue of the Daylily Pioneer at:  http://www.ahsregion1.org/.   


CVIDS members shared their gardens last year with several weekends of Open Gardens.  Heather Harroun is already planning an Open Garden for Saturday July 4th 9am-2pm, Sunday July 5th noon-4pm and again Saturday July 11th 9am-2pm and Sunday July 12th noon-4pm. Visitors are asked to observe social distancing, but masks are not required as you will be outside. If anyone wants to come outside those times please text Heather at 563-554-0028.  Thank you Heather for sharing your garden. 


We plan to send out a July newsletter and will put your Open Garden dates and times in the newsletter if you want to invite CVIDS members.  I have been watching my daylilies and new scapes are appearing every day.  This would be an opportunity to showcase your garden and see CVIDS members.  Be sure to include any social distancing information and if you want folks to wear masks.  Each person has their own comfort level now with COVID-19 and we want to be safe and practical.  I will need your address and directions if navigation/GPS systems will not get us to your garden.   If you can provide me with your Open Garden information by June 24th we can get the word out to the CVIDS membership in a timely manner.  We will provide a complete list of the open gardens so you can plan to see as many as possible.  Members that live near each other may want to coordinate dates and times.


Take care and enjoy the sunshine. 


Nancy Rash

CVIDS President



Message from Nancy (5/31/20)

Dear CVIDS Members.  It is a beautiful day and I hope you are outside enjoying the perfect temperature and the colorful flowers.  I am emailing and mailing the newsletter this month.


Lyle included lots of photos this month and we want to say again how much we enjoyed seeing members when we participated in the CVIDS Club Plant Distribution.  Thank you to everyone that is working on CVIDS “Business” even though we are unable to meet.  Members have posted some very nice photos on face book too.  Thank you for sharing.


Nancy Rash

CVIDS Club President

Message from Nancy (5/19/20) -

Dear CVIDS Members -

Our 2020 Club Plant Distribution was completed with some new features this year.  Many thanks to Barb and Bob Papenhausen and the crew that helped sort and label and plant the extra club plants and then deliver and distribute. Here’s the address to see details about the eligibility, etc. to acquire a CVIDS club plant: 
CVIDS Handbook.  Enjoy your 2020 Club Plant and note your responsibilities for keeping the plant and returning in two years.


Sam McCord has let me know that his wife Mary is now in hospice care.  Sam has provided care for Mary at home and now after a stay at St Luke’s Hospital, she is at the “Views of Marion”, a care center. Mary’s address is Views of Marion, 720 Oakbrook Dr., Marion, IA  52302.  Notes and emails would be appreciated.  This is very hard for Sam so keep both Sam and Mary in your thoughts.  Sam can be reached at:  Sam McCord, 3425 Sycamore Court NE, Cedar Rapids, IA  52402. 


I am looking forward to our next CVIDS “event”.  Enjoy the summer and stay safe.


Nancy Rash

CVIDS President

Plant Distribution and Key Dates-
Please read the May Newsletter, it has many updates and the procedure for this year's club plant distribution process.  It will be low contact (no getting together), Barb will call members for their selection on Friday May 15th and on Saturday May 16th plants will be available at "nearby" member's home or delivered in other areas.  Review the 2020 Club Plant Pictures and use the 2020 Plant List to rank your wish list. 

As you may already know the National Meeting has been cancelled.

CVIDS is being asked to host the 2023 Region One Meeting.  More to come!

Regional Meeting -  What's next (4/7/2020)

Dear CVIDS Members,
The American Daylily Society Region One Meeting for 2020 is officially cancelled and Val Hoefer, Region One President, and her leadership team are charged with the future Region One Summer Meeting schedule.  Keith Riewerts, 2020 Chair, has been asked if CVIDS would like to host in 2022 or 2024. 

We are asking the members of the Cedar Valley Iris and Daylily Society if you are willing to participate and plan again for a Region One Summer Meeting?  Your comments, feed-back and “Vote” is needed for us to make a commitment for a future year.  We hope that a pandemic of the proportion of the Corona Virus will never occur again. 

The Central Iowa Daylily Society will host the Region One Summer Meeting in 2021.  No contracts are in place for the year 2022 so that is an option for CVIDS to host.  We could wait and the next year open for us to host is 2024.  Which year do you think we should host? 

Here are some items to consider:
Some daylily clubs are thinking about a different format or location because of concerns about hosting as they have in the past.  Do we need to look at other options?
Are you willing to make a commitment to be on a committee? 
Were you planning to attend the Region One Meeting in July 2020? 
Are you willing to be on a garden tour? 

This email is being sent to all members and to make it possible and manageable to evaluate the comments from members, we are asking that responses are to Nancy Rash, CVIDS President and Keith Riewerts, 2020 Chair.   Please respond to nrash2000@gmail.com and rkrkrkr@netins.net when you respond to this email.  Our membership total was 104 on April 1 and we are expecting to hear from each of you.  It will take a team effort to plan to host again. 

We would like to respond to the Region One leadership team within a week.  We would greatly appreciate a response by April 13 if possible.  This message will be posted on face book but please do email your response to Nancy and Keith. 

This has been extremely disappointing to cancel in 2020 but we are optimistic you will want to host a Region One Meeting in the future. 


CVIDS President Nancy Rash
Keith Riewerts, 2020 Region One Summer Meeting Chair

Nancy's Message (3/18/2020):

Dear CVIDS Members. 

This is a very uncertain time for many but Val Hoefer, President, Region One of the American Daylily Society sent optimistic news today.  The 74th Annual ADS National Convention at Savannah, Georgia is still on the calendar.  The Conference Hotel is making it possible to “wait and see” and keep the conference on the schedule without any penalties for cancelling.  While the hotel rooms can be cancelled anytime up to 24 hours before arrival, hang on to your rooms!  You may not be able to rebook at the discounted rate, if you cancel right now.  There is now flexibility to put off the final decision for six to seven weeks.  The intention is to host the convention unless the government shuts it down.  What a positive outlook and we all hope the convention can go as planned.  Lyle and I have reservations and have been looking forward to our 2nd National Convention.  Let’s all hope for containment of the COVID-19 Virus.  Washington County now has reported a first case.  My Dad will be 95 on April 5th and we had to cancel his birthday celebration.  It is disappointing but we all want to follow the guidelines to keep all persons safe and in good health.   

Nancy Rash, CVIDS President

Information from Joy Adams

James Adams Jr. age 81, died Saturday, March 14, 2020 at the Monticello Nursing and Rehabilitation Center following an extended illness. Jim donated his body to University of Iowa Department of Anatomy for research.
Funeral services are currently planned for 11:00 Saturday, June 20, 2020 at the Goettsch Funeral Home, Monticello, where friends may call after 9:30. (Please check the website; Goettschonline.com for any changes in date and time.) Memorials may be made to the Iowa National Heritage Foundation at https://www.inhf.org/  or the Michael J. Fox Foundation at https://www.michaeljfox.org/donate.
He is survived by his wife, Joy, 2 nieces Kathy (Pat Devaney) Adams, Marcia (Tony) Kraus, and 2 nephews, Mike (Lisa) Adams, Scott (Jennie) Adams and many great-nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, and his brother Dick.
James Charles Adams Jr. was born October 2, 1938 at the John McDonald Hospital, Monticello, Iowa. He was the son of James and Kathryn Pillard, Adams. Jim graduated from the Monticello Community Schools in 1956. He went on to serve in the United States Army. Jim married Joy Ann Miller on August 7, 1978 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Monticello.
Jim started his working career as a teenager working for the Scotch Grove Nursery. When he was a junior in high school he convinced his parents to let him start a nursery on their acreage on the north edge of Monticello. Jim also started a construction business as a young man, and built over 200 homes in the Monticello area. He continued to operate the nursery until the mid-1980’s as well.
Jim loved nature and the earth. In 1962 he purchased 22 acres in Richland Township that was going to be developed and turned it into his homestead and nature preserve. In his contracting days he helped develop the Jacobs Park area. He was instrumental in the design of Riverside Gardens and the nature trail. He and Joy hosted many garden walks and were co-founders of the Cedar Valley Iris and Day Lilly Society, and the Dubuque Regional Hosta Society.

COVID-19  anyone?

I hope everyone is doing well in this very weirrd and interesting time.  As we practice social distancing and hoard our TP there are a few more things happening in the club.  As you already know our March meeting was cancelled in order to protect our membership and follow the CDC recommendations.  I have recieved the 2020 Club Plant Lily Powerpoint from Barb via Keith also the spreadsheet (in PDF format).  We have some really nice plants for the membership who get to select a plant and for the free-for-all afterwards as we bid on the leftovers. 

On a more somber note, Joy Adam's husband Jim passed away.  He donated his body to the University of Iowa Deeded Body Program.  A memorial is in limbo at this time with the restrictions for gatherings. Please keep Joy in your thoughts during this difficult time.

Leap Day Catastrophe!

Hello, this is Mary Jo at the helm.  Unfortunately, the transition has hit a snag for this WebMaster.  The entire site needs to be migrated to my account.  This is not a small task.  So, I am going to be doing it bit by bit.  The number of files and the size is VERY LARGE, even the guy at GoDaddy was impressed (or flabergasted).  I am going to start with the more recent files and start going back. 

On a less dire note you should be seeing the email with the newsletter coming soon.  Please note the following:

 CVIDS will meet at 11 AM for Region One Planning on March 14.   Committees can use the time to meet and make decisions for the July Region One meeting.  Keith Riewerts has asked that members “be able to tell what they plan to donate to the silent auction. It might be garden art or a favorite garden tool or a trip to Hawaii or even money to be used to purchase something special."

Much Going On at Our February 8th CVIDS Meeting!
Our first club meeting of the year took place on February 8th at the Johnson County Extension Office (3109 Old Highway 218 S, Iowa City). This was an important meeting to attend as we needed members to volunteer to work on our club activities. Sign-up sheets were available, thank you to all who signed up.

Keith Riewerts, Chair for our 2020 Region One Meeting, went through the volunteer opportunities where we will use our talents to put on a great performance for “20/20 A Perfect Daylily Vision”. Keith provided an overview presentation of what needs to happen for implementing the 2020 Region One Summer Meeting. It is still acceptable to contact Keith and tell him where you would like to volunteer. Conference registration forms were available, please fill out and bring next month, to  commit to attending July 10-12, 2020. We hope CVIDS members show their support now by registering early for the Region One meeting. More information is available at: http://www.ahsregion1.org/
At noon, we had our delicious potluck meal and social time with friends we have not seen since the November Fall Banquet.
“A Tale of Two Countries” by Jonathan and Susie Poulton was presented to the group. Jonathan and Susie traveled to England and Germany, and we are happy they will share photos and stories of their trip. And to get us thinking about daylilies, Jackie Westhoff presented “Continuous Bloom vs Re-blooming Daylilies".

Image may contain: ocean, sky, bird, outdoor, water and nature

The CVIDS business meeting followed these programs.

Leopold Landscape Alliance March Conference
CVIDS member Deb Bentley and her husband Brian have attended meetings by the Leopold Landscape Alliance and thought that other members of our club might be interested in attending this year's meeting at the Southeast Community College in West Burlington, IA, on March 21st at 9 AM - 4 PM. Titled "Leopold and Habitat Restoration for Future Generations", this one-day conference will focus on why children will always need wild lands. Come join the conversation with speakers from across the country! There will also be a Friday evening reception at the Starker-Leopold House. Registration information is coming soon.

How About Setting Aside Your Snow Shovels for a Moment and Think "Sunshine, Warmth, Friends and Daylilies"!
Yes, it's high time to think about registering for the AHS/ADS Region One Summer Meeting that will take place in Cedar Rapids, IA, on July 10-12th. Keith Riewerts and his great team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring about "20/20 A Perfect Daylily Vision". Don't miss out on the fun! Click here to access the meeting schedule and registration form. Also, if you are not already volunteering to help run the event but would like to do so, please contact Keith (RKRKRKR@netins.net; (563)-285-8941).

WINTER GARDEN FAIR - February 15th, 2020

CVIDS will be having a booth at this year's Winter Garden Fair run by Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Linn County Master Gardeners.  Dave Kramer will be leading our team. Please note that this event has a new location this year.  It is the Kirkwood Community College Linn County Regional Center:  1770 Boyson Road, Hiawatha, IA  52233.  It is easy to find being just off an I-380 exit. 

Ring in the New Year with CVIDS January 2020 Newsletter!
Nancy and Lyle have been hard at work again! Please click here to access the January 2020 Newsletter. Thank you, Editors! One of the key components of the Newsletter is our Bad Weather Policy, which is repeated here: We always worry about traveling in bad weather. No meeting is worth attending if your safety is at risk. Sometimes a storm is localized, in which case the meeting may be held by those who can attend. However, if a major storm is forecast, one big enough that nearby events are canceling in advance, you should consider our meeting canceled. If this happens, the Board will make every effort to notify members via e-mail, our website, and Facebook. If in doubt, don’t set out before checking these sources of information. For those not connected to the internet, a club officer will telephone with relevant information. We plan to post on the website a cancellation notice by 8 AM the day of the meeting. We thank Mary Jo Duffy and Susie Poulton for being part of this team that makes the notification.

2020 Club Plant Qualifiers
Thank you to Joyce Parsons for compiling this year's list. Please remember that you need to have your 2020 dues paid by April 1st to claim your plant!

Membership List Update
The CVIDS membership list has been updated as of December 31st, 2019. If you have any questions or concerns about your membership status, please contact Susie Poulton (j.poulton@mchsi.com).

The 2019 CVIDS Fall Banquet
The annual Banquet started at noon on Saturday, November 9th, at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, in Coralville, IA. A social time with coffee had already begun at 11 AM, allowing members to chat and to view and vote for the entries in this year's Betty Miller Photo Contest. Seventy-five people attended the Banquet, and five had already submitted photos to Mary Jo Duffy for the photo contest. The buffet meal was delicious. On the menu were: Roast Beef Jardinière & Pecan Crusted Pork Loin, Honey Glazed Carrots, Steamed Broccoli, Twice Baked Potatoes, Fresh Fruit Display & Caesar Salad, Chocolate Mousse,Water, Iced Tea, & Coffee.

For many years now, CVIDS has had the tradition of inviting renowned daylily hybridizers to be the banquet speaker. This year's speaker was Phil Korth (Pinewood Gardens, Suamico, WI), who was accompanied by his wife and fellow hybridizer Luella. Phil gave a fabulous presentation of their many creations. He explained how they have focused on dormants for maximum hardiness against our Midwestern winter elements and have introduced both diploid and tetraploid cultivars. You are recommended to visit their website and enjoy their beautiful contributions to daylily diversity. Have your checkbook ready!

After Phil's presentation, there was an auction of several Pinewood Garden cultivars followed by a brief business meeting led by President Nancy Rash. Joyce Parsons and Susie Poulton were elected to second two-year terms as Vice President and Secretary, respectively. (Please note however that, because Susie and Jonathan will be moving to Colorado next summer, CVIDS will soon be looking for someone to replace Susie as Secretary. If you are interested to serve in that capacity, please contact Nancy Rash). The winners of the photo contest, bucket raffle and door prizes were announced. Nancy Rash thanked everyone who had organized and helped run this year's Fall Banquet, thereby making it a great success. On behalf of CVIDS, Lyle and Nancy thanked Jonathan for serving as webmaster since 2008. In his response, Jonathan expressed his gratitude to the entire membership for their friendship over the years and said how much he and Susie will miss them all. The business meeting minutes will be posted here in a few days. Many thanks should go to Lyle for providing the above photos and to Susie for taking the business meeting minutes.

The 2019 Betty Miller Photo Contest
Our annual Photo Contest was started in 2006 in honor of Past President and hybridizer Betty Miller. She had a passion for photographing daylilies and mentored several CVIDS members on how to take good photos. Her photos were featured in “Eureka” and daylily catalogs from 2001-2004. Five CVIDS members submitted photos to this year's competition, and the winners in each of the ten categories and well as the Grand Prize were announced by Mary Jo Duffy after the banquet meal. Click here to see the winners! Thank you, Mary Jo, for organizing this year's contest.

Celebration of Life for Joanne Ancell
We recently learned that Joanne Ancell, the mother of CVIDS member Frank Ancell, passed away in Fairfield on June 25th, 2019, at the age of 81. A Celebration of Life will be held at 2-4 PM on Sunday, November 10th, at the Fairfield Community Center (Senior Center). Her obituary can be accessed here. On behalf of CVIDS, I'd like to offer Frank and Mary and their family our heartfelt condolences.

The 2020 Region One Regional Meeting

This event will be hosted by the Cedar Valley Iris & Daylily Society and will take place on July 10-12th at The Hotel - Kirkwood Center, Kirkwood Community College, 7725 Kirkwood Boulevard SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. Please take a moment right now to put it on your calendar! The featured speaker will be Mike Grossmann (and Kathleen Nordstrom) from Northern Lights Daylilies (20 Concord Street, West Concord, MN 55985; northernlightsdaylilies.com).

Tour Gardens:
1. Darrin and Shelly Lett, West Branch, Iowa
2. Emil Rinderspacher, Iowa City, Iowa
3. Dave & Sue Kramer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
4. Wanda Lunn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Keith Riewerts, 2020 Regional Chair
310 Eastwood Dr., Long Grove, IA 52756
Phone: (563)-940-1895 E-mail: RKRKRKR@netins.net

Plant Donations:
Live Auction: 2016 or newer named varieties
Bargain Table: Notable daylilies with pedigree
Silent Auction Items: Garden Art, tools,

Plant Recipient:
Rex Raub
P.O. Box 155, 305 Sherman
Dysart, IA 52224

You may remember that CVIDS hosted the 2012 Region One Regional at Kirkwood Community College, which was described as a wonderful hotel and facility for our event. We are planning for the same or even better at the same location this year (and there’s no extra tax on hotel rooms!). Our accommodations, tour gardens, open gardens, featured speakers and planned activities are looking great. We anticipate having many wonderful opportunities for attendees to learn, to visit and experience the hospitality and sharing of other lovers of daylilies. We shall also offer the ADS Garden Judges Workshop II. For those interested in participating, please contact AHS Region One Garden Judges Liaison Mary Baker at: maryskbaker@gmail.com. The registration form is being finalized and will be available on line soon.

Of course, we couldn't conclude the 2019 Regional Meeting in Omaha without - no pun intended - getting everyone excited about the next one. And so it was that our CVIDS gang caught everyone's attention there by donning spectacles and inviting everyone to the 2020 Regional in Cedar Rapids. I think that we made the theme "20-20, A Perfect Daylily Vision", pretty obvious, while having lots of fun in doing so! (Webmaster's note: You know, I hate when I make a spectacle of myself, but on this occasion it seemed to be for a worthy cause! I'm hiding third from the left!).

CVIDS November Newsletter is Now Out!
An e-mail landed in Jonathan's mailbox yesterday. It was from Nancy Rash (Newsletter Co-Editor - Serious) and Lyle Moen (Newsletter Co-Editor - Fun stuff) to say that the November Newsletter was ready for viewing. Jonathan sent it to the membership this morning (October 22nd), but it can also be viewed here. Enjoy! Thank you to our editors!

Review of CVIDS' 2019 Hybridizers' Roundup
The 9th Annual Hybridizers' Roundup took place at 1 PM on October 12th at the Cedar County Extension Office in Tipton. It was preceded at 11 AM by a 2020 Regional organizational meeting and at noon by our potluck lunch and social hour. After the Roundup, a short business meeting was led by President Nancy Rash. Thirty-six members attended the meeting including new member Lyn Hafner (Iowa City). It was great to see Loren and Myrna Hass back amongst us again. Seven CVIDS hybridizers showed us their latest seedlings and introductions. Their presentations can be viewed by clicking on the names below. Many thanks to the hybridizers for sharing their creations with us! The business meeting minutes, which require ratification at the November Banquet, can be accessed here.


Jonathan's note of explanation: In my talk (which may take a little time to load), you'll see photos of the house that Susie and I are buying in Fort Collins, CO. If all goes well, closing will be on October 30th. We will greatly miss our CVIDS friends but are very excited (and nervous!) about the new step in our life that we are about to take. As is typical of Colorado homes, we will not have a large garden nor will we have the quarter-acre plot that Joe and Mary-Jo Duffy have kindly lent us for the past decade. So, from the approx. 1,300 daylilies that we have in Iowa, we shall have to dramatically downsize! I estimate that we shall have room in our Colorado garden for only 35 lilies at the most. Clearly, I shall take my 10 introductions but how can I select the other 25 lilies? My talk introduces its viewers to six different groups of lilies from which I must make my final choices. In Spring 2020, there will be many lilies looking for new homes. If you might be interested to have some at no cost, please contact me and let me know how many you'd like. Thank you!

Lyle and Nancy Have Been Busy Again!
Please click here to access the September 2019 Newsletter produced by Co-Editors Lyle Moen and Nancy Rash. This Newsletter has already been sent to all members having e-mail access. It was accompanied by an overview of the monies generated by the Silent and Live Auctions of daylilies, the Live Auction of irises, and the Fall Plant Sale (open to the public) that took place on August 24th. If for some reason you didn't receive that e-mail, please contact Jonathan. Those members not having e-mail access will be receiving these documents in the week beginning on Labor Day. Thank you, Nancy and Lyle, for the September Newsletter! Great photos, Lyle!

Please say "Welcome (back)"!
This month, CVIDS gained a new member from Iowa City, namely Lyn Hoversten Hafner. We look forward to meeting her at upcoming meetings. Returning to our club is Bev Witmer of Vinton, IA. Glad to have you back amongst us, Bev! We missed you!

New CVIDS Webmaster has been Identified!
The quest for a new CVIDS webmaster has finally borne fruit! Jonathan is delighted to announce that Mary Jo Duffy has kindly agreed to take over this task as of January 1st, 2020. Since 2008, when his son Christopher introduced him to website construction, Jonathan has had lots of fun trying to stay ahead of club news and changing technologies but he is now relieved to hand over the reins to Mary Jo, an expert in IT. Thank you, Mary Jo!

Invitation to Region One Hybridizers
The Cedar Valley Iris & Daylily Society will be hosting the 2020 Regional in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We will have places to display registered guest plants and also seedlings being considered for Junior Citation awards. We would be delighted to display your plants. The gardens available for displaying guest plants will be the gardens of Shelly & Darrin Lett and Sue & Dave Kramer. For those of you who would like to have your introductions and seedlings on display for the 2020 Regional, we would like to receive the plants ASAP so they will be well established for the 2020 bloom season. Please contact Sue Kramer if you are planning to participate. Her contact information is: 319-396-3429, E-mail: iowala@aol.com. Thank you!

Minutes of August 24th, 2019 Board Meeting and Business Meeting

CVIDS' August Newsletter has Rolled off the Presses
Nancy and Lyle continue their hard work at the computer, for which we are extremely grateful. Please click here to access their August Newsletter that provides important information about the many activities taking place on August 24th at the Jones County Extension Service Building in Monticello, IA.

CVIDS' July Newsletter Supplement Now Available
Lyle and Nancy have been busy again! Please click here to access a supplement to the July Newsletter, in which they provide excellent photos from the recent Regional and National AHS Meetings and welcome four new CVIDS members Rosemary & Phil Bormann (Bode, IA) and Jamie & Cal Christensen (Emmetsburg, IA). Thank you, Nancy and Lyle, for this colorful and entertaining special edition.

2019 CVIDS Open Gardens
Because both the AHS Regional Summer Meeting and the AHS National were going to be held in the Midwest, our club made a decision not to hold its usual tour of Summer Gardens. Instead, the club encouraged CVIDS members to open up their gardens during the bloom season for CVIDS members to tour on specific days in July to be decided by the garden owners. No fewer than eight gardens were made available on specific dates. On behalf of everyone who took advantage of these opportunities, I'd like to thank the gardens' owners for making this possible. They are:

Lynn & Sherry Moffit

Heather Harroun

Tom & Linda Jones

Gary Oster

Barbara McCreight

Ginger Preuss

Jackie Westhoff

Doug & Sara Kelley

If you are interested to view photos taken at the Regional in Omaha, please visit the AHS Region One website (www.ahsregion1.org).

CVIDS' July Newsletter has been Published
Please click here to access the July Newsletter. Many thanks go to our editors Nancy Rash and Lyle Moen.

Welcome to CVIDS!
I'd like to take this moment to welcome two new members. They are Bruce and Becky Whitaker of Keosauqua, IA. I have encouraged them to attend some Open Gardens and introduce themselves to other members. Please give them that warm CVIDS welcome that you gave me in 2006, when I attended an event for the first time. I still remember meeting Bob Papenhausen then! Do I have to say more?! :)

Clay Dawson Memorial Celebration
As you know, Clay Dawson passed away on December 20th, 2018, at the age of 84. Clay and his wife Kathleen were CVIDS members from 2002 until 2016, and Clay served as club president during 2008-2009. For many years, Clay and Kathleen's beautiful garden was one of AHS' National Display Gardens. We miss him tremendously. On June 29th, a Memorial Celebration of his life was held at Eldridge United Methodist Church. Many CVIDS members were in attendance including Keith Riewerts who provided a moving account of this wonderful occasion.

CVIDS' June Newsletter has been Published
Please click here to access the June Newsletter. Many thanks go to our editors Nancy Rash and Lyle Moen.

Monkey Survey Data Now Available
We are grateful to the 44 club members who completed the Monkey Survey, thereby providing us some very useful information about how members value and utilize our CVIDS website, newsletters, "Meet the Members" photo gallery, etc.. To access the results of this survey, please click here.

Quick Review of 2019 Club Plant Distribution & Auctions
Please visit Page 3 of the June Newsletter for a great description of all the activities that transpired on May 17th and 18th to make this year's Club Plant Distribution & Auctions a huge success. Please click here to access to which new home each plant went! Thanks, Heather, for this list and thanks, Lyle, for the super photos.

The Daylily Community Loses CVIDS Charter Member Gerald Hobbs
It is with the utmost sadness that I must inform you that our good friend Gerald Hobbs passed away on Saturday, May 18th, at the age of 90. The Hobbs family met with friends on Tuesday, May 21st, at the King-Lynk Funeral Home and Crematory in Fort Madison, where a Celebration of Life was held. Gerald was buried in Oakland Cemetery. His obituary can be accessed here. A memorial has been established in his memory, and online condolences may be left at: www.kinglynk.com.

In recent years, daylily cultivation played a major part in Gerald’s life. He was a charter member of the Cedar Valley Iris & Daylily Society, which he helped found in 1990. Gerald will be greatly missed not only by CVIDS members but also by daylily enthusiasts in the Midwest and nationwide. He was a prolific and gifted daylily hybridizer, registering over 50 new varieties that can be viewed at the American Hemerocallis Daylily Database. A wonderful and kind gentleman, Gerald was always happy to share his expertise with others. On behalf of CVIDS, I extend our sincere condolences to the Hobbs Family.

Review of CVIDS Spring Public Plant Sale
Our club’s Spring Public Plant Sale took place on Saturday, May 11th, in the Discovery Park Pavilion of Muscatine Environmental Learning Center, Muscatine. Members were asked to bring daylilies, other plants, garden tools, garden clothing, etc. to sell at this sale. Set-up began at 8:00 AM, and the sale ran from 9:00 AM until almost noon. The Muscatine Garden Club and the Muscatine County Master Gardeners also sold plants, and the local 4-H club had a bake sale, provising coffee, hot chocolate, and a wide range of cookies. Despite the cool, damp weather, 32 CVIDS members were in attendance, and all the plants on the CVIDS tables were sold. Thanks go to Lyle for providing these photos. Three new members joined CVIDS. From Muscatine, they are Deb Howard, Karl Thielman and Ada Whitworth. Welcome aboard! We look forward to getting to know them at future club events.

CVIDS' May Newsletter has been Published
Please click here to access the May Newsletter. Many thanks go to our editors Nancy Rash and Lyle Moen.

Welcome to CVIDS!
On behalf of the entire membership, I'd like to welcome eight new members to CVIDS. They are Cindy Bottrell (Bettendorf), Jerry Eckrich (Camanche), Trisha Elliott (Camanche), Betty Fyffe (Muscatine), Dale Johnson (Vinton), Sara Kelley (Central City, IA), Lori Marshall (Iowa City, IA) and Sylvia Popelka (Cedar Rapids, IA). Please introduce yourselves to them at upcoming meetings.

Fifty-two Members Attended our CVIDS' April Meeting in Washington!
Our April CVIDS meeting was held on a beautiful sunny day at Washington Public Library on Saturday, April 13th. Fifty-two members were in attendance. Before our social hour and potluck, Keith Riewerts circulated a list of volunteers for the 2020 Regional Meeting that CVIDS is hosting. For more details, please see the post below. Many thanks to all who contributed to a delicious lunch.

After President Nancy Rash's words of welcome to new and longtime club members, Diann Pavelka and Barb Papenhausen gave us PowerPoint presentations of the fabulous iris and daylily club plants that they have ordered on our behalf. Keith Riewerts and Diane Derganz then talked on "My CVIDS Club Plants: Caring for the Most Important Plants in my Garden". Topics included best locations for daylily growth, how to plant lilies, watering, how to dig daylilies and wash roots, and evaluating daylilies. A short business meeting concluded the afternoon's proceedings. The meeting minutes can be accessed here. Thanks for the photos, Lyle.

In July 2020, it's CVIDS' Turn.......
......to host the Summer Regional Meeting for Region One of the American Hemerocallis Society (now known as the American Daylily Society. Yes, that name change snuck on me too!). The last time we did that was in 2012. Our slogan for next year's meeting will be "2020 - A Perfect Daylily Vision". Keith Riewerts and Nancy Rash have agreed to serve as Chair. What has become abundantly clear is that a tremendous amount of planning and hard work goes into organizing a first-rate Regional Meeting. Many volunteers have already signed on to help with various aspects of this event - thank you so much for doing so - but Keith is looking for additional CVIDS volunteers to help spread the load a bit. Please take a look at the current list and, if you find a task that is right up your alley, please contact Keith and offer to volunteer. Thank you for considering this plea for help.

CIDS 2019 Schedule of Events
The Central Iowa Daylily Society has just released its 2019 meeting schedule. I noticed that two of our CVIDS members will be speaking in Marshalltown this year. Please note that Pollen Dabbers has been moved to the fall this year and will take place on September 13th-14th. Always a very fun and informative event!

April 2019 CVIDS Newsletter
If you'd like to access the April 2019 Newsletter, please click here. Thank you, Nancy and Lyle!

Shirley Waters Passes Away
I am sorry to inform you that longtime CVIDS member Shirley Waters of Moline, IL, passed away on Monday, March 25th, at the age of 70. Funeral services were held on Friday, March 29th, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Moline, and she was buried at the National Cemetery, Rock Island Arsenal. Memorials may be made to the church. Shirley was a keen daylily enthusiast and always great fun to be around. She was a CVIDS member during 2003-2017. Her obituary can be accessed here. We shall miss her.

Shirley Waters (photo courtesy of Keith Riewerts)

Our CVIDS' March Meeting in a Nutshell!
This meeting took place on Saturday, March 9th, at the parish hall of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Williamsburg. Twenty-seven members attended. At 11 am, Keith Riewerts hosted the second of our 2020 Regional Organizational Meetings. Next came the potluck lunch and social hour. At 1 PM, Keith presented a 15-minute talk titled "Looking Ahead to the 2020 Regional" and then came the main event, a talk by Sue Kramer on "Spring Bulbs". Click here to access her presentation. Thank you, Sue, for being our speaker that day.

The afternoon concluded with a short business meeting. Meeting minutes can be accessed here. Thanks, Lyle, for the photos.

March 2019 CVIDS Newsletter
If you'd like to access the March 2019 Newsletter, click here. Thank you, Nancy and Lyle!

What Happened in Eldridge Doesn't Just Have to Stay in Eldridge.........Here's What Really Happened!
Our February CVIDS Meeting took place at the Scott County Library in Eldridge on the 9th! The weather was good for traveling, most of the roads likewise, and 51 souls made it safely to the library. It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up with their news. A special delight was to see Myrna Hass after her several months of sickness.

From 11:15 AM until noon, Keith Riewerts brought volunteers up to speed on what all is involved in organizing the 2020 Region One Summer Meeting. Minutes from this meeting and from the business meeting later in the day can be read here. The next organizational meeting will take place at 11 AM on March 9th.

The lunchtime spread was delicious! Thanks to all who contributed to a super meal.

After lunch, our new club president Nancy Rash invited Jonathan Poulton to deliver a Powerpoint presentation that hopefully encouraged members to register for the 2019 Region One Summer Meeting in Omaha and/or the AHS National Convention in Madison. He has adapted this presentation allowing you to access it here. If you have any questions, please contact him.

The next presentation of the afternoon came from Barb Papenhausen who gave us an Powerpoint overview of the 2019 club plants that she has ordered for us. Just beautiful! She has gone to great lengths to order double fans only and Polar Vortex-proof cultivars! Thank you, Barb! Her Powerpoint presentation is available here. This presentation will be updated as Barb hears back from the last hybridizers.

The final presentation came from Lyle Moen. It featured absolutely stunning photography of Nancy and Lyle's 51-day trip across Canada. Thank you for sharing with us. The afternoon concluded with a short business meeting (for minutes, click here). The afternoon was a fabulous start to our club's 2019 activities, and it was great to see old friends! Hope to see you at our March 9th meeting.

Photos courtesy of Lyle Moen

Have you Read the February Newsletter Yet?
The February Newsletter was sent to you last week by email and US mail and has been posted here too. Thank you, Nancy and Lyle, for all your work!

Longtime CVIDS Member Passes Away
On January 16th, Jonathan received word from Lisa Kramer, the daughter of longtime CVIDS member Don Erling, that Don passed away on October 23rd, 2018, at age 85 and was laid to rest on October 27th in Clinton, IA. Don belonged to CVIDS since 2007 and was also a Master Gardener. His obituary can be accessed at Pape Funeral & Cremation Services, Clinton.

Testing our Bad Weather Policy
When our club's bad weather policy was reviewed in the January 2019 Newsletter, little did we think that it would be tested within a matter of a few days! In the days heading up to our January 12th meeting, at which members were looking forward to meeting each other, exchange New Year's greetings, and listen to Nancy and Lyle's presentation about their trip across Canada, weather forecasters were describing dismal and then dangerous driving conditions for that day. After President Nancy and Jonathan had discussed the developing situation, Jonathan sent out a "heads-up" announcement to the membership on Friday evening via e-mail, this website, and our Facebook page. By 7 AM Saturday morning, Iowa City had received about 1-2 inches snow, and there was a winter weather advisory for Johnson County until 9 PM that night with more snow and freezing rain expected. Slippery conditions for driving had been reported, and the warning had been issued that "one shouldn't drive unless one has to". Nancy and Jonathan decided to cancel the meeting. This decision was relayed to the membership by 8 AM via the three mechanisms listed above. In addition, within a short period of time, those members that don't have internet access had been alerted by telephone. Our thanks go to those "internet buddies" who relayed the cancelation news by phone. To our knowledge, everyone who had intended to attend the Iowa City meeting were alerted in good time. Indeed, Jonathan received thanks from one member because the alert reached her before she put her casserole in the oven!

First 2019 Edition of CVIDS Newsletter
A big Thank You goes to our new club president Nancy Rash and co-editor Lyle Moen for penning the January 2019 edition of our CVIDS Newsletter. Here you will find the latest information about our next meetings as well as personal introductions to two of our newest members.