2023: July 14-16 (AHS Region 1 Summer Meeting, Muscatine). Heather and Jim Harroun (Illinois City, IL), Darrin and Shelly Lett (West Branch), Keith and Sally Riewerts, (Long Grove), and Colleen and John Hansen, (Wilton). Lunch: Wilton Community Room

2022: Due to the ongoing pandemic, no formal garden tour took place, but these members opened their garden gates for others to visit on specific days: Heather and Jim Harroun, Tom and Linda Jones, and Sue and Dave Kramer.

2021: Due to the ongoing pandemic, no formal garden tour took place, but these members opened their garden gates for others to visit on specific days: Lyn Hoversten Hafner, Heather, Jim and Levi Harroun, Gary Oster (85th Birthday celebration), Gardens of Gary Oster and Jonathan Poulton at College Gardens in Mount Vernon, Barb McCreight, Pete and Pat Connolly, Lynn and Sherry Moffit, Barb and Bob Papenhausen, Tom and Linda Jones, Dave and Sue Kramer, Keith and Sally Riewerts, and Sara Hankemeier.

2020: CVIDS intended to host the AHS Region 1 Summer Meeting “20/20 A Perfect Daylily Vision” on July 10-12 in Cedar Rapids at Hotel Kirkwood.  The event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019: Because both the AHS Region 1 Summer Meeting and the AHS National Convention were going to be held in the Midwest, we decided not to hold our usual tour of Summer Gardens.  Instead, the club encouraged CVIDS members to open up their gardens during the bloom season for CVIDS members to tour on specific days in July to be decided by the garden owners. The following members responded to that call: Lynn and Sherry Moffit, Heather Harroun, Tom and Linda Jones, Gary Oster, Barbara McCreight, Ginger Preuss, Jackie Westhoff, and Doug and Sara Kelley.

2018: July 14, Maquoketa, Bellevue, and Miles: Diane Derganz, Pete and Pat Connolly, and Sara Hankemeier.  Lunch: Spruce Harbor Inn, Bellevue.

2017:  July 8, Iowa City, Conroy, and South Amana:  Joe and Mary Jo Duffy, Jonathan and Susie Poulton, James Seaman Jr., Joyce and Steve Parsons, Cottage-in-the-Meadow Gardens (Larry and Wilma Rettig).  Lunch: Coralville Public Library.

2016:  July 9/16 (?), Cedar Rapids, Shellsburg, and Central City: Dave and Sue Kramer, Jackie Westhoff, and Paul and Zora Ronan.  Lunch: XXXXXX.

2015: July 11, Fort Madison, Donnellson, West Burlington, and Atalissa: Hilltop Gardens (Gerald Hobbs), Hillcrest Hostas & More, Tender Top Water Gardens & Nursery, Walnut Hill Gardens (Barrett Stoll). Lunch: Buffalo Wildwings, Burlington

2014: July 19, Long Grove, Davenport, Rock Island, Moline, and Milan: Clay and Kathleen Dawson, Keith and Sally Riewerts, Sylvia Seymour, Quad City Botanical Center (QCBC), Bob and Barb Papenhausen, and Dave and Carole Appelquist. Lunch: QCBC.

2013: July 6, Conroy and North English: Steve and Joyce Parsons, Robert and Suzanne Moffit, and Lynn and Sherry Moffit. Lunch: English Valley Community Center.

2012: July 20-22 (AHS Region 1 Summer Meeting): Zora and Paul Ronan (Central City), Verne and Mary Moore (Springville), Jackie Westhoff (Shellsburg), and Sharon Murken (Cedar Rapids). Lunch: Lowe Park.

2011: July 9, Olin and Lowden: Caroline and Jack Jones, Joyce Petersen and her neighbor Ginger Preuss, Barb and Rex McCreight, and Gary Oster. Lunch: Lowden City Park.

2010: July 10, Atalissa, Iowa City, and Conroy: Lynn and Barry Stoll, Jonathan Poulton, William Blair, and Joyce and Steve Parsons. Lunch: Wildwood Restaurant, Iowa City.

2009: July 11, Long Grove, East Moline, Moline, and Milan: Clay and Kathleen Dawson, Bob and Barb Papenhausen, Shirley Waters, Dave and Carole Appelquist, and Gary and Holly Williams.   Lunch: Ryan’s Steak House, Moline.